Weekly round-up #159


Upcoming Events
weekly round up



We hope out members enjoy VALIDATE Weekly Round-up #159. We have an exciting upcoming events programme and you will once again find this Round-up full of relevant events, training opportunities, funding calls, recent publications and news important to our members.



We have quite a few upcoming events that we hope will be of interest:

  • VALIDATE ECR Workshop Series 2021 - Research Project & Grant Management for Researchers - Sam Vermaak, an experienced research project manager, will be taking you through her tips to plan and run a successful research project and to manage your research grants - today at 13:00 GMT
  • BCG Then and Now - in this public talk Prof Paul Fine & Prof Helen McShane will take us on a journey, from the initial development of the BCG vaccine to the modern-day challenges in the fight against TB and the future challenges researchers face in creating a more efficacious vaccine against tuberculosis – 24 March 2021, 18:00 GMT

  • VALIDATE ECR Workshop Series 2021: Collaboration-Builder - Building new collaborations is an essential part of each ECR’s journey towards independence as well as producing valuable additional grants and publications. In this workshop we are giving our ECRs the opportunity to showcase their research to fellow ECRs in the VALIDATE Network and to build future collaborations.- 21 April 2021

  • VALIDATE Industry Seminar with ImmunoBiology Ltd - CEO Gary Clarke will discuss the work of ImmBio, a VALIDATE industry partner based at the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge UK working on the next-generation vaccines against serious infectious disease targets, utilising its proprietary technology platforms to directly induce immunity via dendritic cells - 27 April 2021
  • BCG100 for Schools - Michele Miller and Wynand Goosen from Stellenbosch University will be online with school students around the world to discuss the very different paths each took to follow their passion and become wildlife researchers – 11 May 2021


Future Events - Get in touch

The VALIDATE Team is working hard on future events and we are always keen for input from our members. Get in touch (VALIDATE@ndm.ox.ac.uk) if:

  • you have research you want to present to other VALIDATE members as part of a seminar
  • you have an idea for skills you would like to learn about in a workshop
  • you have a suggestion for a speaker or topic for one of our public events
  • you would like to hold your own schools event



You can find all other funding opportunities on our external funding page.

Training Opportunities and Events:

    Check out our Publications Page for members' publications and email validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk if you have a paper you would like us to add.


    Highlights on Twitter this week:

    We joined the TBPPM Learning Network in starting the countdown to World TB Day, and shared an article highlighting a recent survey showing the extent of South Africa's TB problem. TB People shared a video about the UN’s promise for a new TB Vaccine, and Anthropologist Salmaan Keshavjee shared an article about COVID-19’s impact and the fight against TB in Peru, while Write that PhD shared helpful guides on making science writing easier, getting research published, and conducting reproducible research. We shared the Microbilogy Society's video "Ask a Microbiologist: Vaccine" and the African Academy of Sciences released a Communiqué "Reducing the impact of COVID-19 on inequalities in higher education. Following VALIDATE on Twitter is the best way to keep update to date with all this and more: @NetworkVALIDATE.


    Published: 17 March 2021