Weekly round-up #172

TB and BCG for Animals


TB and the Use of BCG in Animals: Does it matter to people? – Watch it today!

On the evening of Wednesday 9 June 2021, 78 people from at least 22 countries gathered on MS Teams to hear Prof Glyn Hewinson and Prof Michele Miller talk about why effective vaccine programmes for animals are essential to humans' health and well-being.  Despite losing Prof Miller towards the end of her presentation to a power outage, we heard two excellent speakers and had an engaging discussion in the Q&A. Once power was restored, Michele kindly recorded the missing few minutes of her talk and you can watch the whole event now on YouTube.

This is a public event, so please feel free to share the video with colleagues and on social media. 


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    TB News Daily shared an article about a Harvard study on why some people have latent TB and others get sick, Dr Nigel Curtis celebrated the life of Camille Guérin, and the Global T Cell Expert Consortium shared their extensive library of educational materials. The deadline for submission to the EDTCP Forum has been extended to 28 June, we congratulated VALIDATE SAB member Prof Tom Solomon for being awarded a CBE, and Write that PHD had some excellent advice on writing proposals, manuscripts and science writing. Nature Careers shared some helpful information on Tech Transfer Entrepreneurs and a Cartoon Guide to Bioinformatics

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    Published: 16 June 2021