Guesh Mulaw Woldesiet

Photo Guesh Mulaw

Researcher and university lecturer

Aksum University, Ethiopia

Tel: +251914788198






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Research Keywords: 

Animal models, clinical trials, genetics, genomics and bioinformatics, microbiology and cancer research



As a background, I obtained a BSc degree in applied biology from Mekelle University, Ethiopia. During my studies, I was always a curious and research-active student because I knew that to pursue a scientific career, one most begin early. After this, I served as a laboratory instructor of Microbiology in Aksum University, Department of Biology, for one year. I then embarked on a Master’s program in Bahir Dar University College of Natural and Computational Sciences, which gave me strong grounding in food Microbiology and food-borne pathogens. Likewise, I got my PhD in food Microbiology (Probiotics) from Addis Ababa University in collaboration with University of Helsinki, Finland and Quadrum Institute of Bioscience, Norwich, UK. 
I have participated in different workshops and conferences and presented different seminar papers and articles. I have visited different countries for different activities such as in Tunisia (bioinformatics), Ghana (metagenomics), and Finland (Molecular characterization, bacteriocin) Norwich, UK (whole genome sequencing). Moreover, I worked as a leader of microbiology program, MSc curriculum reviewer, leader of ad hoc committee of College of Natural and Computational Sciences in Aksum University and other special groups. During this time, I obtained managerial skills and knowledge. In line with this, I worked for a while as a young researcher, lecturer and assistant professor at my home institution and provided community service outside the university such as various trainings.