Olayinka Osuolale


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Olayinka Osuolale

Name: Olayinka Osuolale

Place: Elizade University

Career Level: Lecturer/Researcher

Research Key Words: Co-infections, leishmaniasis

Likes: I like the fact there is something to be discovered about  Leishmaniasis which is yet unknown especially in the context of the locality and the environment I am based. I am curiosity-driven and love providing solutions to human health challenges.

Dislikes: Not able to have the resources to do the research I wish to do when I want to, only If the cost of doing research wasn't too expensive, It would have been cool to pull money out of my pocket and my research

Profile: My interest is in identifying and establishing leishmaniasis infections which are neglected and under-studied.

My perfect research partner: I wouldn't mind (VALID)dating an immunologist (and parasitologist) to unravel the possible asymptomatic condition favouring leish infection (host immune response) in the context of my locality. I am open for a long-term dating relationship through collaborations that could expand and improve my skills in using advanced molecular research techniques I could apply to studying leishmaniasis (e.g. Sequencing). I don't mind to validate researching with anyone from anywhere looking at the cross-sectional studies with other pathogens and leishmaniasis, something like experimental dating. A quality time for mentorship, a touch of care to academic and career development, and a shoulder to rest on through the dark muds of research challenges are qualities desired in a potential partner(s).


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