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Rachel Tanner

Name: Rachel Tanner

Goes by: Rachel

Place: Jenner Institute, University of Oxford

Career Level: Postdoc

Research Key Words: Tuberculosis, bovine TB, antibodies

Likes: Unbiased approaches to understanding immune responses

Dislikes: The bad rep antibodies get in TB

Recent Publication: The humoral immune response to BCG vaccination, Tanner R, Villarreal-Ramos B, Vordermeier M, McShane H in Front Immunol

Profile: My research interests are immune correlates and the host immune response to TB vaccination, with a current focus on the role of humoral immunity in vaccine-mediated protection. I have also worked extensively on the development of functional mycobacterial growth inhibition assays (MGIAs), and have an interest in the variation in vaccine immunogenicity observed across different populations.

My perfect research partner: I am looking for an ECR LMIC partner interested in collaborating on new projects to further characterise the BCG-induced humoral response or apply the MGIA to compare the control of mycobacterial growth in different cohorts. I am also keen to get involved in written projects such as review articles and public engagement.


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