Weekly round-up #145

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Weekly Round-up #145


VALIDATE Winter Seminar: Mtb in the host: Persisters and PE/PPE proteins

The latest VALIDATE Seminar took place on 24 November and was a great success with 60 people attending via MS Teams. Prof Samantha Sampson and Dr Jomien Mouton from Stellenbosch University talked about their work on M.tb, persisters and PE/PPE proteins. A video will soon be available on the VALIDATE Hub and we will eventually upload it to the VALIDATE YouTube Channel from where it can be shared with anyone who might be interested.

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    Highlights on Twitter this week:

    TB News Daily shared a Devex article on outdated TB testing policies, Nature Careers published an article about how postdoc life is like a plane circling an airport, and NC3R celebrated Rachel Tanner’s VALIDATE Fellowship. The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy marked World Toilet Day, we reminded our followers about the VALID8 interviews, and Write that PhD shared a free book on how PhD students can write more, write better and be happier. The Vaccine Confidence Project warned about the decreased public confidence in a COVID-19 Vaccine, the Emerging Pathogens Institute did an interview with Biothreat Specialist Mike Norris about Burkholderia, and the International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases shared an article arguing we should innovate to tackle NTDs as we have with COVID-19. Nature Careers shared a flow chart on how to choose your next research project and Write that PhD shared The PhD journey: A guide to applying, starting & succeeding. You can find more like this on our Twitter feed - @NetworkVALIDATE.


    Published: 25 November 2020