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Welcome to VALIDATE

Congratulations on joining the VALIDATE Network. You are now part of a growing international community of researchers developing vaccines against mycobacteria, leishmaniasis, and melioidosis.

Here you will find out what you need to do next and find details of resources available to VALIDATE members. 

First steps

Set up your Member's Directory Profile
The VALIDATE Member Directory is designed so that members can easily find new collaborators. If you have not done so already, email us a photo and completed VALIDATE Member Directory Information Form.

Sign the CDA
If you did not do so when you joined, please complete the Confidentiality Agreement; this protects everyone in the network when sharing unpublished data and allows VALIDATE to give you access to our shared resources where you can find helpful documents like the presentations from our annual meetings and workshops, as well as recordings of our seminars.

Keep in touch and up to date

There are many ways of keeping up to date with VALIDATE. Make sure you sign up for, follow, link with, and subscribe to the following:

Follow VALIDATE on Twitter

The VALIDATE Twitter account is where you will find daily updates of relevant news, publications, details of events, and some of our shareable infographics.

Subscribe to the VALIDATE YouTube Channel

On our YouTube channel, you will find all of our online public events, shareable public information videos, some of our VALIDATE Seminars, and interviews with fellow VALIDATE members.

Connect to other members on LinkedIn

Link with us on LinkedIn for all the latest from VALIDATE. You will also find it a great place to reach out to fellow VALIDATE members.



There are many great resources on the VALIDATE website. New members might want to start with the following: