Weekly round-up #147

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Weekly Round-up #147


Weekly Round-up #147 has all the usual updates about job vacancies, new funding calls and recent publications relevant to VALIDATE members - and this week is Outreach Week at VALIDATE and you can still get involved by telling us about any interesting public engagement you have carried out recently.

VALIDATE for Schools!

Earlier today, over 200 students in schools around the UK joined VALIDATE members Prof Helen McShane and Dr Rachel Tanner on Microsoft Teams for the first VALIDATE for Schools event. Helen and Rachel talked about their careers, TB, animal testing and sweaty t-shirts. They also responded to some fantastic questions from the students on subjects that ranged from scientist salaries to CRISPR. The video will be available on YouTube very soon.

This will be the first of many VALIDATE for Schools talks. If you wish to host a similar event for schools near you, whether face to face or via the internet, VALIDATE can help so get in touch - validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk.


Training Opportunities and Events:

There are many more relevant career opportunities on our jobs page.


    Highlights on Twitter this week:

    BactiVac held a Project Management Training course and Nature published an article arguing that mentors do not need to be old and wise like Yoda. We launched Outreach Week and highlighted Prof Siobhán McClean’s work with Science Soapbox and her interviews on RTE News about COVID. Member Dr Rachel Tanner also got excited about Outreach Week and The Female Lead celebrated the co-inventor of the Mueller-Hinton agar solution, Jane Hinton. We tweeted about our Outreach Guide which made the BSI very happy, and Julen Tomás-Cortázar shared his new VALIDATE videos about T-cell immunity which he recorded in English, Spanish and Basque. Outreach Week continues, so you can use the hashtag #OutreachWeek on Twitter and follow @NetworkVALIDATE for all the latest info.


    Published: 09 December 2020