Weekly round-up #153

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Weekly Round-up #153

Welcome to Weekly Round-up #153. It's packed with the usual updates about funding, events and the latest publications our members will find interesting and useful. We have also had a very busy week celebrating World NTD Day and World Leprosy Day – find out more on this in the Twitter section below.


VALIDATE Video – 'A Vaccine for Leprosy?'

As part of our activities marking World NTD Day and World Leprosy Day, VALIDATE Comms Coordinator Blakeley Nixon and VALIDATE Associate Dr Hua Wang produced a short YouTube video about Leprosy, aiming to raise awareness about this devastating disease in the general public. In the video Hua talks about leprosy and it's continued impact in the world today, how it can be tackled, and how VALIDATE is supporting research towards a vaccine. Do watch this great video below - and please share it as widely as possible with your colleagues and friends to help us raise awareness that leprosy is, sadly, still afflicting >200,000 people every year.



Your own VALIDATE video?

Our Leprosy Video is open-access and it is our hope that it will be a helpful tool for outreach and public engagement work for all our members, so please feel free to use it. We plan to follow up this video with further explainers for leishmaniasis, melioidosis and tuberculosis. If this sounds like a project you would like to get involved with, get in in touch with the VALIDATE team (VALIDATE@ndm.ox.ac.uk).


Find all other funding opportunities on our external funding page.

Training Opportunities and Events

​There are many more relevant career opportunities on our jobs page.


    Check out our Publications Page for members' publications and email validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk if you have a paper you would like to add.


    Highlights on Twitter this week:

    We had a very busy week on Twitter engaging around World NTD Day and World Leprosy Day. For World NTD Day we tweeted 24 times throughout the day celebrating our members' amazing work towards eradicating NTDs, Japanese Pharmaceutical Company shared an article about the gradual progress being made in access to medicines in LMICS, Public Health Insight shared their latest podcast episode providing an introduction to NTDs, and the NTD Support Center shared a quote from Caroline Harper of Sightsavers about the importance of eliminating NTDs. The GHIT Fund shared a video affirming their commitment to the NTD Road Map 2030 and The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy also tweeted about the importance of the WHO plan. Glasgow Microbiology shared our leprosy video, Epicentre MSF talked about their research on Leishmaniasis and other NTDs and TB News Daily shared details of a newly designed molecule that embeds into the Mtb cell wall and lights up helping with easy TB diagnosis. Immunologist and President of the Academy of Sciences Professor Dame Anne Johnson was interviewed on radio 4, and as Eddie Izzard dedicated her 30th marathon in 30 days to NTDs, Gates Foundation NTD Director Katey Owen helped her with how to pronouce the NTDs (including visceral leishmaniasis)! Follow @NetworkVALIDATE for all the latest news and for our #WorldNTDDay activity.


    Published: 3 February 2021