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VALIDATE Industry Seminar: Addressing Pathogen and Human Diversity

Yesterday, over 30 people joined VALIDATE on MS teams to hear our latest Industry Seminar from Graham Clarke, Chair of immBio. 

ImmBio is developing next-generation vaccines against serious infectious disease targets. In the seminar, Graham talked about how variable human immune responses highlights the need in vaccinology to identify and develop technologies that are able to address diversity. 

Industry Seminar - Watch now!

You can watch Graham's seminar and our previous Industry Seminar, Capturing and recreating recombinant polyclonal antibodies with Dr Sheila Keating of Gigagen, on the VALIDATE YouTube Channel.




This is only a small selection of the external funding we have listed and you can find more on our external funding page.

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Highlights on Twitter this week:

We continued our #BCG100Facts with an infographic about TB and fashion and shared Frontiers in Immunology’s calls for contributions to their Women of Immunology topic. The Global Forum on TB Vaccines celebrated the end of a successful Working Group on TB Vaccines and shared a video calling for a world free of TB.  The EU Commission's Director of Health & Food Safety shared a video focusing on the 200 non-covid vaccines that have saved billions of lives and TBPPM were asking how the TB community can support health systems during the current wave of COVID. Write that PhD has some excellent advice for writing a discussion & conclusion, how to report results and develop an argument, and how to refer to literature in research writing. Nature careers had some advice for writing a Personal Statement and for ECRs looking to land a leadership role in research.  VALIDATE member Heidi Larson advised journalists on how they can fight vaccine disinformation.

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Published: 28 April 2021