Weekly round-up #182

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VALIDATE on Twitter: A resource for members

A few weeks ago, we were excited to announce that VALIDATE now has more than 1,000 followers on Twitter. Members should follow us on Twitter as you will find plenty of news, events, publications and articles relevant to VALIDATE members. You should also keep in mind that our Twitter feed is a resource for members to spread the word about the amazing work you do.

You might want to get the message our about, for example:

  • Relevant events and training courses
  • Job opportunities
  • Publications that you authored (or co-authored)
  • Publications relevant to our members
  • A request for a collaborator
  • Sharing or requesting career advice

If you have something you would like us to share with our 1,008 Twitter followers, email validate@ndm.ox.ac.uk



You can find a list of all relevant external funding we've spotted for our members on our external funding page.


    Training Opportunities and Events:

    Find more training and events opportunities on our Training and Events pages.

    Job Opportunities:

    There are many more relevant career opportunities on our jobs page.



    Check out our Publications Page for members' publications and email VALIDATE@ndm.ox.ac.uk if you have a paper you would like us to include.

    Highlights on Twitter this week:

    We shared an article on the hidden TB pandemic, World Liesh 7s animation about Leishmaniasis, and TB News Daily shared clips from the 10-year-old documentary about the TB pandemic EXPOSED (staring Helen McShane and Helen Fletcher). NewsExpress published an article on the overlap of TB and COVID-19 and Nature Careers share articles on Imposter Syndrome and cross-cultural approaches to research. TB Alliance promoted the Global TB Caucus' "The Future of the TB Response in Asia Pacific and Beyond" event. The British Society for Immunology celebrated the launch of the European Congress of Immunology, reminded followers that there are 5 days till the deadline for abstracts for the BSI Conference 2021, and opened nominations for their Immunology Teaching Excellence Award

    Follow  @NetworkVALIDATE on Twitter for all this and more - and take part in BCG100 by using the hashtag #BCG100.


    Published: 1 September 2021