Olufemi Samuel Amoo


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Olufemi Samuel Amoo

Name: Olufemi Samuel Amoo

Place: Nigerian Institute of Medical Research

Career Level: Student

Research Key Words: host-pathogen interactions, carcinogen-DNA interactions, use of bioinformatics and computational biology 

Likes: Innovation and breaking new ground

Dislikes: Research not being given due recognition

Recent publication: Monitoring of lassa virus (LASV) infection in suspected and confirmed cases in Ondo State, Nigeria. 2020, Amoo OS et al, in Pan African Medical Journal

Profile: I currently research Tuberculosis, COVID-19 as well as Blood Genetics and Transfusion Medicine.

My perfect research partner: I would like to work with an infectious diseases expert, Hematologist, Geneticist, Molecular Biologist, Bioinformaticians or Computational Biologist


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