Anita Milicic

Anita Milicic

Post-doctoral Researcher

University of Oxford, UK

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Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

Vaccines, trained immunity, single dose vaccines, adjuvants, malaria



I studied Molecular Biology and Physiology at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, before completing an MSc in Genetics and DPhil in Immunology at the University of Oxford, UK. This was followed by Post-doc positions at Oxford, studying cellular immunity to HIV, CD8+ T cell activation mechanisms, and currently, vaccine development. 

Over the last few years my research has focused on developing a new vaccine encapsulation technology, with the aim of reducing the number of immunisations required for full protection against a disease. Our goal is to avoid the need for booster vaccinations by providing the booster dose, encapsulated into microcapsules for a later in vivo release, together with the priming vaccine. Through a close collaboration with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Oxford, we are developing vaccine encapsulation using microfluidics and electro-spraying methods.

In parallel, I am the Jenner Institute lead for vaccine adjuvants and collaborate on adjuvant research and development with external partners through the European Network of Vaccine Adjuvant harmonisation (ENOVA).

My long-term interest are mechanisms of immune activation, in particular the interplay between the innate and the adaptive immunity. I have recently started looking at different aspects of this interaction in the context of enhancing the protective efficacy of a viral vectored vaccine against malaria, and am looking to broaden my observations to vaccines against other complex intracellular pathogens.

I am also the Jenner Institute lead for Public Engagement with Research (,


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