Deniz Cizmeci

Deniz Cizmeci

Postdoctoral Fellow of Computational Immunology

Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, USA







Network Associate


Research Keywords:

Computational immunology, machine learning, bioinformatics



Deniz left VALIDATE and is now doing her post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard. Deniz has a solid background in computational biology, complemented by experience in infectious disease research. Prior to joining the VALIDATE team she worked as a bioinformatician at Imperial College London analysing transcriptomic responses across preclinical animal platforms to identify novel biomarkers of vaccine safety and reactogenecity. Deniz completed her PhD at the University of Exeter. Her doctorate project employed an interdisciplinary approach to investigating host-pathogen interactions during infection with Burkholderia pseudomallei.

Deniz’s role at VALIDATE was to ensure that VALIDATE maximises outputs and lessons learned from the immunology and vaccine-related data available across the Network. She was responsible for setting up the VALIDATE data sharing portal and integrating data sets for cross-pathogen, cross-species and/or cross-country analyses and modelling that will advance vaccine R&D for our focus pathogens.


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