Elena Stylianou

Elena Stylianou

Post-doctoral Researcher

Jenner Institute, University of Oxford, UK

Email: elena.stylianou@ndm.ox.ac.uk






Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

TB, animal models, viral vectors, mucosal immunity



The key areas of my research include: mucosal and systemic delivery of viral vectors, immune responses after vaccination and evaluation of vaccine protective efficacy using M.tb infection models.


Related Websites: 

Profile page at The Jenner Institute


Key Publications:

Improvement of BCG protective efficacy with a novel chimpanzee adenovirus and a modified vaccinia Ankara virus both expressing Ag85A.Stylianou E, Griffiths KL, Poyntz HC, Harrington-Kandt R, Dicks MD, Stockdale L, Betts G, McShane H. Vaccine. 2015 Nov 27;33(48):6800-8.

Mucosal delivery of antigen-coated nanoparticles to lungs confers protective immunity against tuberculosis infection in mice Elena Stylianou, Gil Rynoids Diogo, Ilaria Pepponi, Craig van Doleweerd, Mauricio Arias, Camille Locht, Christopher Rider, Laura Sibley, Simon Cutting, Andrew Locksley, Julian K Ma, Rajko Reljic. European J of Immunol. 2014 Feb; 44 (2): 440-9

Exploring the vaccine potential of Dec-205 targeting in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in mice  Stylianou E, Pepponi I, van Dolleweerd CJ, Paul MJ, Ma JK, Reljic R. Vaccine. 2011 Mar 9;29(12):2279-86.