Ganjana Lertmemongkolchai

Ganjana Lertmemongkolchai

Assistant Professor

Chiang Mai University / Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Tel: +66 43203825






Network Investigator


Research Keywords: 

Melioidosis; Burkholderia pseudomallei; non tuberculous mycobacteria; NTM; TB; bacterial sepsis; human immune response to infections; host susceptibility to infections



Dr. Lertmemongkolchai has spent the last 20 years working on neglected tropical diseases,  specifically melioidosis and more broadly sepsis and diabetes mellitus. Her core expertise is in cellular immunology, and her laboratory at Khon Kaen University in Thailand, underpins major collaborative studies in human cellular immunology, host-pathogen interaction and biomarker research by analyzing human immune functions, blood signatures from whole genome expression profiling, large scale T cell epitope mapping and B cell epitope discovery. Recently her laboratory has extended to Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Thailand which is now her primary affiliation.

In her long term collaboration with Prof. Gregory Bancroft at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Dr. Manabu Ato at National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Tokyo, together with international collaborators in 14 countries worldwide, her research group has expanded the studies of human cellular immune functions in response to Burkholderia pseudomallei, non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) and TB, particularly pro-inflammatory cytokines, cytokine producing cells, memory T and B cells, primary macrophages and neutrophils in the context of diabetes mellitus, anti-diabetic medication and haemoglobinopathies leading to host susceptibility to the infections. The information obtained from these studies has facilitated the vaccine development and supported the concept of precision medicine, in particular ‘one-size vaccine does not fit all’.


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Key Publications:

Available on ORCID

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