Hyejon Lee

Hyejon Lee

Head of the Department of Clinical Vaccine Research

International Tuberculosis Research Centre, South Korea

Tel: 82 10 3296 9805

Email: hyejonlee@gmail.com





Network Investigator


Research Keywords: 

TB, biomarker, correlates of risk, correlates of protection, novel TB vaccine clinical trials



Our research of interest is mainly focused on evaluation of novel vaccine candidates against tuberculosis and immunologic diagnosis tools of latent tuberculosis infection and active tuberculosis. Based on collaborations with national and international organizations, we have actively involved in a number of studies in different populations of S. Korea, such as BCG vaccinated children, adolescents with LTBI, active tuberculosis patients, and healthy adults.


Key Publications:

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Song Yee Kim, Jungho Kim, Deok Ryun Kim, Young Ae Kang, Sungyoung Bong, Jonghee Lee, Su-Yeon Kim, Nam Suk Lee, Bora Sim, Sang Nae cho, Young Sam Kim, Hyejon Lee. Urine IP-10 as a biomarker of therapeutic response in patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis. Submitted to BMC infectious disease. 2018. Under review.

Lee HJ, Choi HJ, Kim DR, Lee H, Jin JE, Kim YR, Lee MS, Cho SN and Kang YA, Safety and Efficacy of Tuberculin Skin Testing with Microneedle MicronJet600TM in Healthy Adults. INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS 20(4):500–504.

Jeong YH, Hur YG, Lee H, Kim S, Cho JE, Chang J, Shin SJ, Lee H, Kang YA, Cho SN, et al. Discrimination between active and latent tuberculosis based on ratio of antigen-specific to mitogen-induced IP-10 production. J Clin Microbiol. 2015 Feb;53(2):504-10.

Kim SH, Lee HJ, Kim HJ, Kim YE, Cho JE, Jin HW, Kim DY, Ha SJ, Kang YA, Cho,SN and Lee HY. Diagnostic Performance of a Cytokine and IFN-g induced Chemokine mRNA Assay after Mycobacterium tuberculosis Specific Antigen Stimulation in Whole Blood from Infected Individuals. J Mol Diagn. 2015. Jan; 17(1):90-9

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