Ian Durrant

Ian Durrant

Scientific Operations


Email: ian.durrant25@gmail.com






Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

Immunoassay development; ELISPOT assay platform; diagnosis of TB; clinical trials



Main area of research: Development and application of ELISPOT based assays for the diagnosis of infection and the monitoring of immune status. Current focus on immunoassay markers for TB infection status, monitoring of general immune status by T cell based assays, monitoring post-transplant immune function, immunoassays for tick-borne infections.


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Key Publications:

Burn K. et al (2006) The use of T-SPOT®.TB to estimate TB reactivity rates amongst healthcare workers attending BTS Winter conference 2005. Presented at BTS Winter meeting, London.

Durrant I. et al (2007) Performance of a new T cell based assay for Mtb (T-SPOT®.TB) in a regional test laboratory setting. Presented at ASM, Toronto.

Durrant I. et al (2007) Sensitivity, specificity and justification of the T-SPOT®.TB cut-off using ROC analysis. Presented at BTS Winter meeting, London.

Durrant I. and Radcliffe J. (2010) Enabling next day blood testing with T-SPOT®.TB. Presented at BTS Winter meeting 2010, London.

Sloane C. et al (2012) Validation of next day processing of blood samples with the T-SPOT®.TB assay in TB/HIV infected patients. Presented at 3rd South Africa TB meeting, Durban.

Brennan D. et al (2017) A prospective observational study to evaluate the use of a panel of reactive T cell assay as a pre-transplant marker of rejection events in kidney transplant recipients. Presented at ATC, Chicago.