Isabel Cuella Martin

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Isabel Cuella Martin

PhD Student

Unit of Mycobacteriology, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp






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Rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis, diagnostics, drug susceptibility testing, early bactericidal activity



I am a PhD candidate in Biomedical Sciences at the Institute of Tropical Medicine. My project focuses on new approaches to close the detection gap of rifampicin-resistant TB and improve treatment success. I work on the performance and impact of the current diagnostic flowchart in Rwanda and on the development and implementation of accessible phenotypic drug-susceptibility testing (pDST) assay for the detection of resistance to 2nd-line drugs. My goal is to inform optimal and simplified drug testing algorithm with the aim to achieve the global target ‘universal DST’ in Rwanda and elsewhere and help identify critical next steps towards safe and effective RR-TB treatment.


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