Javier Salguero Bodes

Javier Salguero Bodes

Veterinary Pathologist - Senior Project Manager

UK Health Security Agency, UK

Email: javier.salguero@phe.gov.uk






Network Investigator


Research Keywords: 

Animal Models, Tuberculosis, Pathology, Leishmanial, Pathogenesis



Javier graduated as a veterinarian in 1997 from the University of Córdoba, Spain, and then went on to gain his PhD in Comparative Pathology in 2001. He moved to the Spanish Government National Institute for Research in Animal Health (CISA-INIA) in Madrid, becoming the Head of the Experimental Pathology Unit until 2007, when he moved to the UK to work for the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (now APHA) as a veterinary research pathologist. He was appointed Reader in Comparative Pathology at the University of Surrey in October 2013 and moved to Public Health England (now United Kingdom Health Security Agency) as Scientific Leader (Pathology) in September 2018. He has been studying the host-pathogen interaction and working on animal model development and use (vaccine and therapeutic development and evaluation) in a variety of infectious diseases with a main focus on tuberculosis, but also COVID19 and other respiratory viral infections, leishmaniasis, melioidosis, glanders, and many other zoonoses. He is a visiting academic at the Universities of Oxford and Surrey in the U.K., and Cordoba, in Spain. He is co-author of more than 190 scientific publications and has successfully supervised numerous PhD, MSc and undergraduate students, mentoring numerous graduate students from Africa and America. 


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Available at University of Surrey