Jelle Thole

Research Keywords: 

TB, product and clinical development



Jelle Thole is Founder and Director Product and Clinical Development and a Member of the Scientific Leadership team at the TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI). TBVI is a not for profit foundation based in Lelystad, The Netherlands, supporting the development of new vaccines against human tuberculosis. He is Chair of the Vaccine Program Advisory Group (VPAG) advising DEFRA on a vaccine program against bovine TB in the UK. Jelle is author of over 70 scientific articles on antigen discovery, host-pathogen interactions, and immunology of human and veterinary mycobacterial pathogens including tuberculosis, paratuberculosis and leprosy. He has coordinated large integrated EC FP 6 and 7 projects (TBVAC, NEWTBVAC), aiming to develop new vaccines against tuberculosis.


Related Websites: 

Profile page at TBVI


Key Publications:

  1. Kamath AT, Fruth U, Brennan MJ, Dobbelaer R, Hubrechts P, Ho MM, Mayner RE, Thole J, Walker KB, Liu M, Lambert PH. New live mycobacterial vaccines: the Geneva consensus on essential steps towards clinical development. Vaccine. 2005 May 31;23(29):3753-61.
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