Jérôme Nigou

Jérôme Nigou

CNRS Research Director

University of Toulouse, France

Tel: + 33 (0)5 61 17 55 04

Email: Jerome.Nigou@ipbs.fr





Network Investigator


Research Keywords: 

Tuberculosis; cellular and animal models; host/pathogen interaction; innate immunity; mycobacterial lipids and glycoconjugates; structure/function relationships 



Mymain objectives are to decipher the molecular cross-talk that establishes during infection between Mycobacterium tuberculosis and host innate immune cells, with a special focus on the role played by lipids and glycoconjugates. I also aim at translating these fundamental data into new therapeutic or preventive strategies/tools to be explored.


Related Websites: 

IPBS website


Key Publications:

Blanc, L., Gilleron, M., Prandi, J., Song, O.-R., Jang, M.-S., Gicquel, B., Drocourt, D., Neyrolles, O., Brodin, P., Tiraby, G., Vercellone, A. & Nigou, J. (2017) Mycobacterium tuberculosis inhibits human innate immune responses via the production of TLR2 antagonist glycolipids.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 114(42):11205-11210.

Decout, A., Silva-Gomes, S., Drocourt, D., Barbe, S., André, I., Cueto, F.J., Lioux, T., Sancho, D., Pérouzel, E., Vercellone, A., Prandi, J., Gilleron, M., Tiraby, G. & Nigou, J. (2017) Rational design of adjuvants targeting the C-type lectin Mincle.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 114(10), 2675-2680.

Vergne, I., Gilleron, M. & Nigou, J. (2015) Manipulation of the endocytic pathway and phagocyte functions by Mycobacterium tuberculosis lipoarabinomannan. Front Cell Infect Microbiol, 4, 187.

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