Justice Tresor Ngom Ngom

Justice Tresor Ngom Ngom

Junior Researcher

University of Douala, Cameroon

Tel: +237 696 306 772

Email: justicengom@gmail.com





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Research Keywords: 

Mycobactomic, Resistance Mechanism, molecular epidemiology, immunology, clinical trials, Molecular Diagnostic



My research is on Tuberculosis. It is specifically based on Molecular Epidemiology of Human tuberculosis and Immunological impact combined with HIV. My research interests include Mycobacteriology, Zoonosis’ Pathogens, Genomic; Bioinformatics, phylogeny and Vaccine Manufacturing.


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Key Publications

Justice Trésor Ngom, Francioli Koro, Celestin Godwe, Clemence Adande, Romaric Ateugieu, Tatiana Onana, Annie Ngono, Yannick Kamdem, Sara Ngo-Niobe, François-Xavier Etoa. Genotypic diversity and drug susceptibility patterns among M. Tuberculosis complex isolates responsible of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in cameroon from 2006–2015.BMJ Global Health Feb 2017, 2 (Suppl 2) A44; DOI: 10.1136/bmjgh-2016-000260.116
Etoundi Omgba Cunégonde Blanche, Mbock Émilie Danielle, Djopnang Djimbie Justin, Moussambe Abanga Agathe and Ngom Ngom Trésor.Glycaemic Index and Macronutrients Content of Three Traditional Cameroonian Meals.Journal of Food, Nutrition and Population Health. 2017. Vol.1 No.2:20 http://www.imedpub.com/food-nutrition-and- populationhealth/.
Charles Fokunang Ntungwen Marcellin Ndoe Guiaro, Jean-Patrick Molu, Djoulde Ibrahima, Mansour Mohamadou, Michele Corneille Matchim Kamdem, Cyrille Levis Kountchou, Ibrahim Mbarawa Kofia, Justice Tresor Ngom Ngom, Joel Brice Ngoupa, Julius Mbekem Nwobegahay.Beneficial effect of HIV-2 on the progression of HIV- 1-associated nephropathy among patients under HAART. J Anal Pharm Res.Aug 2018,;7(4):437‒444. DOI: 10.15406/japlr.2018.07.00263.