Luiz Freitas

Luiz Freitas


Gonçalo Moniz Institute (FIOCRUZ), Brazil

Tel: +55 71 99161 8019






Network Investigator


Research Keywords: 

Visceral leishmaniasis; experimental models of leishmaniasis; granulomatous inflammatory response; liver and spleen tissue response in human and canine visceral leishmaniasis



I study morphological aspects of the immuno-inflammatory response related to resistance and susceptibility (fatal outcome) in liver and spleen of individuals (human and dogs) with visceral leishmaniasis. I am interested in evaluating the effects of vaccines on the hepatic and spleen tissue response, evaluating the morphological pattern of the inflammatory response, the phenotypic profile of the cells and the production of cytokines in situ, as well as the histological organization of the spleen’s white pulp.


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Key Publications:

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