Maria Adelaida Gomez

Maria Adelaida Gomez

Coordinator, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Lab.

CIDEIM, Colombia







Network Management Board member 2021+, Network Investigator


Research Keywords: 

Human Leishmaniasis, Immunology, Therapeutics



Maria Adelaida Gómez, PhD., is a Colombian scientist devoted to biomedical research on neglected infectious diseases. Her research aims to unravel the host-pathogen interactions and underlying mechanisms that determine the clinical and therapeutic outcomes of human leishmaniasis, as a model of tropical infectious diseases caused by intracellular pathogens. These biomedical investigations include a spectrum of approaches, models and study designs that range from inquiry on mechanisms of drug resistance and pathogenicity using in vitro systems, to characterization of the immunological and pharmacological functions that contribute to pathology and disease resolution in patients. Her research has been funded by Wellcome and US-NIH among others.

Key Publication: