Mbandi Kimbung

Mbandi Kimbung

Research Officer

University of Cape Town, UK

Tel: +27(0)214066791    






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Research Keywords: 

TB, Malaria, transcriptomics, biomarker    



My research focus is to harness bioinformatics approaches and integrate unique clinical and epidemiological study designs to address key gaps in the immunopathogenesis of tuberculosis. I am also interested in any aspect of biological data- driven scientific enquiry that would enable the discovery of novel tools for upgrading existing tools against poverty related diseases.


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SATVI website


Key Publications:

Darboe, F. Mbandi, S.K., Naidoo, K., Yende-Zuma, N., Lewis, L., Thompson, E., Duffy, F., Fisher, M., Filander, E., van Rooyen, M., Bilek, N., Mabwe, S., McKinnon, L., Chegou, N.N., Loxton, A.G., Walzl, G., Tromp, G., Padayatchi, N., Govender, D., Hatherill, M., Abdool-Karim, S., Zak, D., Penn-Nicholson, A., Scriba, T., 2019. Detection of tuberculosis recurrence, diagnosis and treatment response by a blood transcriptomic risk signature in HIV-infected persons on antiretroviral therapy. Front. Microbiol. 10.

Mbandi, S.K., Hesse, U., Heusden, P. van, Christoffels, A., 2015. Inferring bona fide transfrags in RNA-Seq derived-transcriptome assemblies of non-model organisms. BMC Bioinformatics 16, 58.

Dinga, J.N., Mbandi, S.K., Cho-Ngwa, F., Fon, N.P., Moliki, J., Efeti, R.M., Nyasa, B.R., Anong, D.N., Jojic, N., Heckerman, D., Wang, R., Titanji, V.P.K., 2014. Differential T-cell responses of semi-immune and susceptible malaria subjects to in silico predicted and synthetic peptides of Plasmodium falciparum. Acta Trop. 135, 104-121.

Mbandi, S.K., Hesse, U., Rees, D.J.G., Christoffels, A.G., 2014. A glance at quality score: implication for de novo transcriptome reconstruction of Illumina reads. Front. Genet. 5, 17.