Nana Williams

Nana Williams

Project Manager

ISGlobal, Mozambique







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Research Keywords: 

Malaria, clinical trials and studies



I have over 12 years of experience in the management of health research projects particularly in malaria and oncology. I have a strong background in life science (PhD in medicinal chemistry). Over the past 9 years to date, I have worked as the Lead Project Manager and technical coordinator, as part of a large research study consortium investigating the mechanisms of experimentally-induced immunity to malaria, in the context of the PhIII RTS,S trial.


Key Publications

Moncunill G, Mpina M, Nhabom ba AJ, Aguilar R, Ayestar an A, Sanz H, Campo JJ, Jairoce C, Barrios D, Dong Y, Díe z-Padrisa N, Fernandes JF, Abdulla S, Sacarlal J, Williams NA, Harezlak J, Mordmüller B, Agnandji ST, Aponte JJ, Da benberger C, Valim C, Dobaño C. Distinct TH1 and TH2 cellular responses associated with malaria protection and risk in RTS,S/AS01E vaccinees. Clin Infect Dis 2017 May 13. PubMed PMID: 28505356

Moncunill G, De Rosa SC, Ayes aran A, Nh bomba AJ, Mpina M, Cohen KW, Jairoce C, Rutishauser T, Campo JJ, Harezlak J, Sanz H, Díez-Padrisa, Williams NA, Morris D, Aponte JJ, Valim C, Daubenb rger C, Dobaño C*, McElrath MJ* (*shared). RTS,S/AS0 1E Malaria Vaccine Induces Memory and Polyfunctional T Cell Res onses in a Pediatric African Phase III Trial. Front Immunol. 2017 Aug 23;8:1008. PubMed PMID: 2887 775.

Carlota Dobaño et. al. Magnitude and avidity of IgG responses to different CSP
epitopes in African children in the multicenter RTS,S/AS01E vacci e phase 3 trial correlate with malaria protection, in preparation.

Itziar Ubillos et. al. Antibody responses to RTS,S/AS01E vaccination in children within the phase 3 trial in relation to age, baseline malaria transmission intensity and malaria protection, in preparation

Bonjoch Josep; Drew Michael G B; González Asensio; Greco France ca; Jawaid Samaila; Osborn Helen M I; Williams Nana Aba O; Yaq ob Parveen, Synthesis and evaluation of novel boron-containing complexes of potential use for the selective treatment of malignant melanoma, Journal of medicinal chemistry 2008; 51(2 0):6604-8.

Samaila Jawaid, Helen M.I. Osborn and Nana Aba O. Williams, Fighting Skin Cancer with Prodrug s. RSC. Education in Chemistry, May 2007.

Fighting skin cancer with prod ugs: Samaila Jawaid, Helen M.I. Osborn and Nana Aba O. Williams, Fighting Skin Cancer with Prodrugs. RSC. Education in Chemistry, May 2007.

Sarah Knaggs; Hugh Malkin; Helen M. I Osborn; Nana Aba O. Williams; Parveen Yaqoob, New prodrugs derived from 6-aminodopamine and 4-aminophenol as candidates for melanocyte-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (MDEPT). Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2005), 3(21), 4002-4010.

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Nana Aba Williams; Carme Masdeu; Rodolfo Lavilla, Straightforward transformation of nicotinamide to a variety of piperidine scaffolds via a multicomponent reaction, Organic Letters, 2006, 8 (25), 5789-5792.

Carme Masdeu; Elena Gómez; Nana Aba Williams; Rodolfo Lavilla, Hydro-, Halo– and Seleno-Carbamoylation of Cyclic Enol Ethers and Dihydropyridines. New  Mechanistic Pathways for Passerini- and Ugi-type Multicomponent Reactions. QSAR and Combinatorial Science, 2006, 25, 465-470.