Nassira Belmessabih

Nassira Belmessabih

Research Associate

Pasteur Institute of Algeria, Algeria

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Capripoxvirus, Clostridium difficile, animal models, clinical trials, vaccine



I have obtained engineering diploma in Biotechnology that was followed by a master degree in Population and Microorganism Biology in Algeria universities. In 2016, I relocated to France and successfully obtained a master degree in Bio-Health Computing from the University of Grenoble Alps (UGA), France. During this master I had the opportunity to follow high teaching levels including all the practical and theoretical knowledge in biotechnology, veterinary and medical fields. I have performed a six months internship at the Unizar veterinary university in Zaragoza, Spain, where I have worked in a multidisciplinary team on a project aiming to identify and prevent infections caused by the pathogenic bacterium Clostridium difficile in pig farms situated in the north-eastern region of Spain. I had also the opportunity to be part of the intensive summer program at the European Scientific Institute (ESI) which enhances my creative thinking in computational medicine for human rare diseases. After that, I resumed my work at the Pasteur Institute of Algeria (IPA), for which I have been working since 2012, 6 years experience at the laboratory of production and development of Capripoxvirus vaccine where I have been learning all the techniques of the live attenuated Capripoxvirus vaccine production process, I worked with an interdisciplinary teamwork in a collaboration project between the PaVal laboratory, UGA and the IPA which aimed to create a new cellular support to produce the vaccine by immortalizing the fetus lamb kidney cells, ethically to limit the use of animals, improve the quality by using safe tools and to enhance the efficacy of this vaccine to better protect the sheep herds in Algeria for a best sheep meat production. I have been working also as a coordinator of quality control, leading the laboratory teamwork for the establishment of an internal quality manual, this mission raised up my sense of responsibility and my organizational work skills. I have recently joined the International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) and I am taking part of its Mentorship program as a mentee role.


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Key Publications:

Capripoxvirus antibodies detection: Relationship between the two methods of alpha and beta of virus neutralisation test