Noé Patrick M’Bondoukwé

Noé Patrick M’Bondoukwé


Université des Sciences de la Santé, Gabon

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Research Keywords: 

Malaria, soil-transmitted helminthiasis, filariasis, schistosomiasis, clinical trials, science advice to governments 



I am in the Department of Parasitology-Mycology since 2009. First, I worked on the assessment of the micro-epidemiological profile and malaria transmission patterns in different areas of Gabon with two publiucations on the allelic diversity of Plasmodium falciparum isolates in two areas with different malaria endemicity and on the allelic diversity of Plasmodium falciparum isolates according to clinical profile. I also contributed to the analysis of molecular markers of antimalarial drug resistance and its relationship with malaria transmission and burden in defined areas. 
The observed different strains of Plasmodium sp. parasite according to patient age had guided my interest to study the relationship between patient susceptibility to malaria and the rebound of malaria morbidity observed in the country. Thus, I wrote my PhD project topic which focused on the malaria/helminthiasis/intestinal protozoan coinfection aspects to try to explain the impact of the other endemic parasites on the observed increase of malaria transmission in Gabon. This project allowed me to collaborate with Malaria and Parasitic Diseases National Control Program and to improve my knowledge on the integrated strategies that will really have an impact on public health mainly in SubSaharan Africa resource limited areas. The impact of Neglected Tropical Diseases on malaria was also analyzed. I was trained during project on the microscopic diagnosis of parasitic diseases such as thin and thick blood smears for the malaria diagnosis, leukoconcentration and Merthiolate-Iodine-Formaldehyde concentration for the blood filariasis and intestinal parasitosis diagnosis. Equally, I got the opportunity to be trained on ELISA and flow cytometer techniques that I used for my PhD. Results on human immune response were presented in two articles I am writing. I participated to studies on HIV/endemic parasites coinfection pattern in Gabon. I was one of the field study supervisor. Simultaneously, I joined the Operational and Clinical Research Unit in 2013 first as a junior researcher then as a coinvestigator/coordinator in clinical research studies. Since, then I participated to four phase IIb to phase IV clinical trials on new antimalarial drugs. 


Key Publications:

N. P. M’Bondoukwé et al., “Prevalence of and risk factors for malaria, filariasis, and intestinal parasites as single infections or co-infections in different settlements of Gabon, Central Africa,” Infect. Dis. Poverty, vol. 7,no. 1, p. 6, 2018. 
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