Ramesh Poluru

Ramesh Poluru

Senior Program Officer 

The INCLEN Trust International, India

Tel: +91-97111 73648

Email: ramesh.poluru@gmail.com





Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

Demography, Population health and development, Epidemiology, Vaccine safety, Phase-3 clinical trials, Public health and nutrition, Maternal and child health, nutrition, STI & HIV/AIDS, Qualitative and quantitative research methods and its analysis



Ramesh Poluru did his Masters' and PhD in Population Studies/Demography along with a Postgraduate diploma in computer applications from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India. His doctoral research focused on differentials of fertility and transition across social groups in Andhra Pradesh and postdoctoral research on nutritional transition in India. His research interests include: Demography, demographic and nutrition transitions, maternal and child health, epidemiology, vaccine safety, Phase-III trials, public health including STIs, HIV and AIDS. Dr Poluru has more than fifteen years of experience in conceptualization, implementation and monitoring of large scale socio-demographic, behavioural and operations research studies; analysis and interpretation of data (primary and secondary), using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. 
Dr Poluru has also extensively involved in the community based studies, phase-3 clinical trials and delivered intervention services from general population to more vulnerable populations (infants, minority population, high risk groups - sex workers, MSM, IDU, truckers etc.). Dr Poluru has published about 20 research papers in peer-reviewed national and international journals/chapters, and co-authored technical reports of national and international research projects. He has served as scientific reviewer for journals, conferences, fellowships, nominations for awards and research granting agencies.


Key Publications:

Das, MK, Arora, NK, Ramesh Poluru, Seth Anju et al, 2018, Pediatric Appropriate Evaluation Protocol for India (PAEP-India): Tool for Assessing Appropriateness of Pediatric Hospitalization, Indian Pediatrics, 55(12).

Anil Kumar, G., Rakhi Dandona, Ramesh Poluru, S. Anil Chandran, Michel Alary, Lalit Dandona, 2014, Patterns of condom use by men who have sex with men before and after the intervention in Andhra Pradesh state of India. BMC Public Health, 14:64.

Prem Kumar, S.g, G. Anil Kumar, Ramesh Poluru, John, A Schneider, Lalit Dandona, Lakshmi Vemu, T. Sudha, Kenneth Mayer and Rakhi Dandona, 2013, Contact with HIV prevention programmes & willingness for new interventions among truckers in India. Indian Journal of Medical Research, 137, June 2013, 1061-1071.

Ramesh, Poluru., and S. Jareena, 2009, Overweight exceeds underweight among women in Kerala: An analysis of trends and determinants, Journal of Human ecology, 25 (2), 93-103.

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