Sara Dada

Sara Dada

Research Fellow 

Ad Astra Scholar and PhD Candidate

University College Dublin





Network Affiliate


Research Keywords: 

Vaccines, community engagement, communications, media monitoring



Sara is a Research Fellow for the Vaccine Confidence Project™. Her background is in public policy and economics and graduated with a BS Public Policy with highest honours from the Georgia Institute of Technology. As the first Fulbright Scholar at the Royal Veterinary College, Sara completed her MSc in One Health (Infectious Disease) in a joint program with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. For her dissertation research project, Sara investigated the role and structure of a community engagement programme in the Ebola vaccine trials in Sierra Leone and proposed a framework for future community engagement programmes in biomedical research settings. Sara’s primary research interests include AMR, community engagement, health communication, medical anthropology, outbreak mitigation, trust and vaccines.


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