Sara Savić


Sara Savic


Head of Laboratory for Serology, Immunology and Biochemistry

Scientific Veterinary Institute, Novi Sad”






Network Investigator 


Research Keywords: 

Vector-borne diseases, Diagnostic methods, One Health




Sara Savić, PhD, DVM, is a researcher working in a diagnostic laboratory within the Scientific Veterinary Institute “Novi Sad” in Novi Sad, Serbia. Her main work is based on the diagnostic procedures for zoonotic diseases and vector-borne zoonoses. Dr. Savić completed her PhD degree on Diagnostics of Lyme disease in dogs and ticks, and then turned her interests and career towards other vector-borne diseases important for public health and One Health issues. The significance of multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary work has become most interesting during the past decade. Her expertise is in bacterial and parasitic vector-borne zoonoses, especially in blood parasites. Dr. Savić has published over 200 publications so far as a leading author or as a coauthor in different scientific journals or at conferences.  




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Key Publications:

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