Tushar Shaw

Tushar Shaw

PhD Student

Kasturba Medical College, India

Tel: +919008096827

Email: tusharshaw1990@gmail.com





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Research Keywords: 

Melioidosis, T cell response, immune markers



During the tenure of my research I actively participated at various National and International Conferences receiving commendable response from global experts working on the disease. My current skills and expertise include a) Exploring the environmental niches of B.pseudomallei 2) Understanding the molecular epidemiology of melioidosis with respect to genotyping and studying the various virulence attributes.3) Develop better diagnostic modalities for early disease diagnosis. I am currently also participating in various clinical studies for understanding the clinical spectrum of the bacterial disease. I was also actively involved in organizing workshop in collaboration with University of Cambridge, UK and Mahidol, Thailand to increase awareness and train laboratory personnel for early diagnosis of melioidosis and other neglected tropical diseases. Currently I am managing the Indian Melioidosis Research Forum (www.melioidosisindia.com/), which connects researchers from 12 states of India bridging the gaps between enthusiastic clinicians, microbiologists and epidemiologists with globally renowned experts in the field of melioidosis. I have also been a part of the 1st and 2ndSouth Asian Melioidosis Congress in 2015 and 2017 respectively, and delivered a key note on Soil Epidemiology of Melioidosis in India.

Key Publications:

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