Victor Agah

Victor Agah


Ebonyi State University Abakaliki, Nigeria

Tel: +2348060368992






Network Associate


Research Keywords: 

TB, animal models



My study area is microbiology; from B.Sc up to Ph.D. (Environmental Microbiology) I have carried out several investigations on isolation of both environmental and clinical organisms and antimicrobial resistance tests. I have mentored students both B.Sc and M.Sc on antibiogram of various forms.


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Key Publications:

Ejikeugwu C1* , Nworie O.2 , Agah M.V.1 , Oguejiofor B.1 , Ovia K.3 , Nworie C.O1 , Iwunze A.C.1 , Nwambeke A.1 , Edeh C1 (2018). Bacteriological and antibiogram of AmpC producing Enterobacteriaceae isolated from abattoir. Microbiol Curr Res. 2(2):37-41

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Alo M. N., Okonkwo E. C., Onyebuchi A. K., Anyim C. and Agah M. V. (2012). Assessment of the effect of highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy on the Renal function of Patients with HIV-1 in a Rural Setting of South Easthern Nigerian. Journal of Natural Sciences Research 2(7): 92-94.

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Agah M. V.1, Onochie C. C.1, Nworie O.2, Oji A. E.1, Nnachi A. U.3,, Chukwu O. S.2, Udu-Ibiam O. E.1, Ukaegbu C. O.4, Ani C. (2014). Bacteriological and Physicochemical Impact of Effluents from Ebonyi Fertilizer and Chemical Plant on Azuiyiokwu Creek.Journal of Applied & Environmental Microbiology, 2 (4), pp 135-142.

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