Wellington Owusu

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Dr Wellington Owusu

Postgraduate Researcher

University of Surrey, UK

Tel: +44 07448879057

Email: w.owusu@surrey.ac.uk





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Research area Keywords:

TB diagnostics, Neglected tropical diseases research, clinical drug trials



Wellington Owusu has obtained a lot of knowledge and experiences in NTD research works. As a research assistant at KCCR-Ghana, he played an integral role in conducting studies such as immunoregulatory effect of filarial worm on Mycobacterial infections, Doxycycline clinical trial in filarial worms and the identification of T-cell subset populations as potential diagnostic marker for Buruli ulcer disease.

Key Publications:

Epidemiology of Mansonella perstans in the middle belt of Ghana, Owusu et al, in Parasites and Vectors



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