Santosh Kumar

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Santosh Kumar

Name: Dr. Santosh Kumar C M

Known as: Santosh

Place: University of Birmingham

Career Level: Postdoc

Research Keywords: Tuberculosis, Zebrafish, Molecular chaperones

Likes: Zebrafish as an excellent model system for tuberculosis

Dislikes: Adaptive immunity not in complete tune.

Recent Publication:

C. M. Santosh Kumar*, Kritika Chugh, Anirban Dutta, Vishnuvardhan Mahamkali, Tungadri Bose, Sharmila S. Mande, Peter A. Lund, and Shekhar C. Mande. (2019) Chaperonin Abundance Boosts Bacterial Fitness. bioRxiv 2019.12.31.891820. (DOI 10.1101/2019.12.31.891820).

Profile: I am working on understanding the molecular mechanisms of granuloma formation, a critical event in the establishment of tuberculosis causing bacteria in the human lungs. We are using Zebrafish model system for this.

Languages: English, Hindi (Urdu for speaking and understanding) and Telugu

Perfect research partner: I do not want to limit to any quality - but open to any enthusiastic researcher interested in knowing and being a partner in what we are doing. 


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