The VALIDATE Hub is an online resource that provides access to our extensive archive of event videos and other helpful information. The Hub is hosted on the University of Oxford's Canvas Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and is available to VALIDATE members who have signed our CDA. You will find recordings of events, shared protocols, and SOPs, as well as science engagement resources.

What is on the Hub?

Currently, there is a large archive of videos of our online events, including many that are not available on our YouTube channel. These include restricted seminar videos and our online Workshops. Additionally, you will find some shared protocols and SOPs.

Canvas is primarily used for online courses. This means our videos and other resources are organized into "Modules" and "Assignments."

We will be continuously adding content over the next weeks and months, including videos of our presentations from the VALIDATE Annual Meeting 2023 and some social media resources for science engagement.

How to use the Hub

To access the Hub, you should:

  • You should have been sent an invitation to  the Canvas Course "The VALIDATE Hub"
  • If not, contact VALIDATE and ask for access to Canvas -
    • Note: University of Oxford staff and students should already have access to Canvas and should get in touch to make sure you have access to the VALIDATE Hub
  • You will receive information about how you can register
  • Once registered, log in to the canvas system here -
  • Select "Other Users", and sign in
canvas log in page
  • Login with your login details
  • Select the VALIDATE course from your Canvas Dashboard
Canvas Dashboard
  • Congratulations and welcome to the VALIDATE Hub


"Modules" and "Assignments"

The Canvas system is primarily used for online courses, so our videos and other resources are organised into "Modules" and "Assignments". Modules refer to a broad category of video ("Workshops" or "VALIDATE Seminars 2023").

VALIDATE Hub - Modules & Assignments


Each Assignment contains a video and a short description. 

VALIDATE Hub - Assignment