Mirvat Surakhy

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Mirvat Surakhy

Name: Dr Mirvat Surakhy

Goes by: Mirvat

Place: University of Oxford

Career Level: Postdoc

Research Key Words: Bulk RNA-seq, single cell RNA-seq, microarray, human genetic variants.

Likes: Identify new candidates. Also one could use different resources including published research to validate certain results and hypothesis. 

Dislikes: No lab work

Languages: English/Arabic

Recent Publication:

A common polymorphism in the druggable retinoic acid pathway modifies adrenocortical carcinoma age of onset, Surakhy M et al in  BJC. 2020.

Perfect research partner: It would be good to collaborate with a researcher who is having data that we can analyse and generate new hypothesis from it, then getting this back to lab for validation.


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