Weekly round-up #166

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BCG100 for Schools - Pathways to becoming wildlife researchers - SPREAD THE WORD

Next week, on Tuesday 11 May 2021, at 10am BST/11am SAST, VALIDATE members Prof Michele Miller and Dr Wynand Goosen will be talking to school students about the paths each took to follow their passion and become wildlife researchers.

This is an exciting opportunity for school students to engage with two excellent career researchers and we ask that VALIDATE members please share details of the registration page with young people or educators who might want to get involved - www.validate-network.org/bcg100-schools



This is only a small selection of the external funding we have listed and you can find more on our external funding page.

Training Opportunities and Events:

Highlights on Twitter this week:

The Royal Society continued to argue against the UK government’s cuts to NTD Programmes and we continued our #BCG100Facts with infographics about ”Vampires” in new England and Dracula! The Union have extended the submission deadline for the 52nd World Conference, and the British Society for Immunology shared an excellent infographic “What’s in a Vaccine?”. Nature Careers shared their webcast episodes on mental health in the pandemic and peer review, provided some advice on work-life balance, and shared an article on how South Korea and Japan maintained research ties despite political tensions. Write that PhD had some advice for publishing in peer review journals and editing your own academic writing. NRF South Africa shared an article in Science Matters about TB relapse and the BBC produced an excellent video on the eradication of smallpox.

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Published: 5 May 2021