Weekly round-up #137

New Members September 2020

Weekly Round-up #137

Welcome to VALIDATE’s Weekly Round-up #137. Another issue packed with the usual events and opportunities - and we welcome some new faces to the network.

Welcome New VALIDATE Members!

September has seen our community continue to grow with ten new members. 

New Network Investigators

  • Dr Maria Adelaida Gomez is the Coordinator of the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Lab at CIDEIM, Columbia
  • Prof Michele Miller is a Professor leading the animal TB research program at Stellenbosch University, South Africa

New Network Associates

With the addition of Dr Adelaida Gomez, Columbia becomes VALIDATE's 54th member country. VALIDATE now has over 400 members around the world. We are always keen to grow our community, so please let your colleagues know about the benefits of VALIDATE membership and encourage them to join.



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Training Opportunities and Events:

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Job Opportunities:

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    Highlights on Twitter this week

    The Newton Fund discussed their work with Mexico and their Newton Mosharafa PhD Programme with Egypt. The BSI promoted their Guide to Childhood Vaccinations and their new virtual issue of Immunology and the Microbiome. Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases celebrated #GlobalGoalsWeek and AAS Clinical Trials Community have been enhancing the visibility and transparency of investments made in the clinical trials community. University College London have launched their strategy to end TB in Europe, WGC Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences were promoting their Bioinformatics course in Vietnam and the Academy of Medical Sciences provided some excellent examples of great layman summaries from previous successful grant applicants. Write that PhD provided some tips for using a storytelling approach for writing research papers and the Global TB Caucus shared a Forbes article about the impact of Covid on meeting global TB targets.

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    Published: 30 September 2020