3rd Annual Meeting Programme

3rd Annual Meeting


VALIDATE 3rd Annual Meeting Programme


Tuesday 1 October 2019 (full day)

[0900-1000  Closed Network Management Board Meeting in Boardroom 2]


In The Grand Hall - All delegates

0915   Registration and tea/coffee

Helen McShane

1010   Prof Helen McShane

  VALIDATE Director, University of Oxford



Samantha Vermaak

1020   Samantha Vermaak

  VALIDATE Network Manager, University of Oxford

  An update on VALIDATE at the end of our second year



1040   Talks by most recently funded round #3 projects:

Myron Christodoulides

1040   Prof Myron Christodoulides

   University of Southampton, UK

            Protective efficacy of conserved Leishmania hypothetical proteins against visceral leishmaniasis (P019)


Barbara Kronsteiner-Dobramysl

  1053   Dr Barbara Kronsteiner-Dobramysl

   University of Oxford, UK

             Metabolic reprogramming of skin microenvironment for improved BCG vaccine efficacy (P020)


Sasha Larsen

1106   Dr Sasha Larsen


           Development of an RNA based vaccine against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (P021)


Elena Stylianou

1119   Dr Elena Stylianou

  University of Oxford, UK

            Developing a mouse model of diabetes to evaluate vaccines for TB and melioidosis (P022)


Julen Tomás Cortázar

1132   Dr Julen Tomás Cortázar

  University College Dublin, Ireland

  Elucidating the T-cell epitopes and T-cells responses of two B.pseudomallei vaccine agents (P023)


Emilie Karafillakis

1145   Emilie Karafillakis


  Monitoring and addressing challenging risks, rumours and reputations across the GCRF Vaccinology Networks


1200   Lunch

1300   Talks by funded round #1 projects (all now finished):

Sally Hayward

1300   Sally Hayward  


  Enhancing BCG efficacy: the Social Technology Lab Initiative (P002)


Javier Salguero Bodes

1320   Dr Javier Salguero Bodes

  Public Health England (PHE), UK

  The effect of BCG vaccination in immune responses against visceral leishmaniasis in a natural (canine) model of infection (P003)


Steven Smith

1340   Asst Prof Steve Smith


  How do functional and metabolic characteristics of trained monocytes affect their anti-bacterial activity? (P004)


Panjaporn Chaichana

1400   Dr Panjaporn Chaichana

  MORU, Thailand

  Establishment of a functional assay panel to evaluate the role of antibodies in defence against melioidosis and tuberculosis (P007)


Rajko Reljic

1420   Dr Rajko Reljic


  Overcoming innate immune tolerance in the respiratory tract for optimal vaccine design (P009)


Bernardo Villarreal-Ramos

1440   Dr Bernardo Villarreal-Ramos


  Natural variation of the bovine lymph node microenvironment and its possible effect on BCG immunogenicity (P011)


1500   Tea/coffee break

1530   Keynote speech: 

Rhea Coler

  Affiliate Prof Rhea Coler


  Novel TB and Leprosy Vaccines: from the lab bench to clinical trials (an industry perspective)


1730   Wembley Stadium private tour

 VALIDATE has organised a 'behind the scenes' tour of the world-class Wembley Stadium for those who are interested.Highlights include the England dressing room, the press conference facilities, the Royal Box and the players' tunnel. This is at VALIDATE's costs. Find out more about the stadium and it's history in UK sport and entertainment, including hosting the 2012 London Olympics and FA Cup Finals, here.

1900   Dinner

  VALIDATE will provide a 'No host' dinner for delegates who would like to participate and network further with other members. This will be at each delegates own cost.


Wednesday 2 October 2019 (morning) - The Grand Hall


0830   Tea/coffee

0900   Talks by funded round #2 projects (which are close to finishing):


Mohamed Osman

0900   Dr Mohamed Osman

   University of York, UK

  Identification of Leishmania donovani and Mycobacterium tuberculosis - derived proteins on the surface of infected macrophages that are associated with ADCC induction (P012)


Susanna Dunachie

0920   Prof Susie Dunachie

  University of Oxford, UK

  Vaccines to target people with diabetes: characterising the pathways of immune response to M.tuberculosis and B.pseudomallei in people with diabetes compared to non-diabetes (P016)


0940   VALIDATE Fellow talks

Samantha Sampson

0940   Prof Samantha Sampson on behalf of Dr Jomien Mouton

  Stellenbosch University, South Africa

  Identification of latency associated antigens and biosignatures associated with Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Rachel Tanner

0955  Dr Rachel Tanner

University of Oxford, UK

Characterising the BCG-induced antibody response to inform the design of improved vaccines against M.tuberculosis, M.leprae and M.bovis


1010   Tea/coffee break

1040   Research Funder talks - aiming to help members find future funding opportunities

Helen Fletcher

1040   Prof Helen Fletcher


           Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and Newton Fund


Peter Hart

1100   Dr Peter Hart

  Wellcome, UK

  Wellcome Vaccines Funding


Martin Broadstock

1120   Dr Martin Broadstock

  Medical Research Council (MRC), UK

  MRC Funding opportunities


Helen McShane

1140   Prof Helen McShane

  VALIDATE Director, University of Oxford

  Annual Meeting wrap-up


1200   Lunch (where you will be joined by the open Science Conference delegates. The day continues into the VALIDATE-BSI 2019 Scientific Conference 'Vaccine Development for Neglected Intracellular Pathogens.'



To register for the 3rd VALIDATE Annual Meeting, visit our Conference and Annual Meeting webpage. Registration closes 6th September.


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